Three Akeetoons e-Cartooning App Available for Download.

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Akeetoons e-Cartooning (Google Play)

Download Link: Click Here

Akeetoons Cartooning Free (Direct Download)

Download Link: Click Here

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Akeetoons Cartooning Free 2.0 (Direct Download)

Download Link: Click Here

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Instructions for installing Akeetoons Cartooning Free Apps into your Android.

  1. Download the .apk files from the links above. 
  2. Connect your android phone to your computer.
  3. Copy Paste the downloaded .apk  files into either your Phone or SD card (do this directly or create a separate folder for these files)
  4. Using your android phone, find the .apk files in My Files.
  5. Tap on the .apk file.
  6. A message will show up, tap 'Settings'
  7. Change your Settings according to your message to allow the installation of the .apk file
  8. Ta-da! You can now install Akeetoons Cartooning Free Apps!